is a a catering company that features a health and cruelty conscious menu. No animal products of any kind used, and when possible organic and fair trade ingredients are used.

What is a vegan diet?

A vegan diet only eats fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and products derived from plant sources. People who are moved to this way eating because of animal cruelty practices, often abstain from wearing leather(chemically treated cow skin), wool, silk, and certain cosmetics or house products which contain animal ingredients.

Here is a link that goes in depth into various ingredients and what they are:

Commonly Used Animal Ingredients

Why vegan/herbivore diet/lifestyle?

People discover or are drawn to this way of life for many different reasons. Maybe one or many will resonate with you. This list is not to say it covers or outlines everything, but a brief introduction.
Personal health issues, or close friend and family health issue leading to research and discover how sick this nation really is, and how much is directly tied to diet.
learning about food industry and factory farming, whether direct or indirect contact, witnessing the cruel unnecessary degradation of fellow animal species, which especially includes diary and egg farming.
learning or being concerned about the environment. factory farming, monocropping agriculture, gmo seeds, chemical based farming, and other unsustainable farming practices are destroying the planet, combining having the most impact on the environment then any other issue.
some people’s spiritual or religious practice recommends, or leads them to give up flesh foods and instead adopt reaffirming life foods.
some peoples racial studies have led them towards this life, seeing how an american diet has become an imperialistic, destructive force on native cultures, people and planet, choose to reintegrate more holistic, ethnically relevant diets.
some people coming from economically disenfranchised areas whether it be inner city hoods, reservations, poor rural areas, see an institutional (dis)organizing of food, see the lack of healthy food options, what some people call “food deserts” where there is an abundance of meat, fried foods, processed foods, are cheapest and most accessible, and fresh produce is hard, sometimes difficult to obtain.
some people’s gender studies have led them to a more food conscious diet in seeing how the meat industry exploits and enforces misogynistic gendered stereotypes in the culture, as well as how factory farming is shaped in a way that seriously exploits the females in the various species(i.e. repeated forced “artificial insemination” of a cow, to produce milk, then steal the baby calf at birth)
there are people concerned with ethics in general that may have drawn from several of analysis in their foundation.


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